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C4G BLIS v2.5 Update

This is the update package for C4G BLIS v2.5
- This package is for users who want to update their existing version of BLIS to the latest version of v2.5

- Instructions on how to perform the update are as follows,
    1. Download and Extract the update file.
    2. Copy and replace the extracted files to your BLIS folder.
    3. Run update C4GBLIS_v2-5.bat to start the update process.
    4. Wait for C4G BLIS to startup, then login in as admin and complete the update process by clicking on the 'Complete update' link displayed on the home screen.
    5. Wait for it to finish the update.

C4G BLIS v2.4

This is the complete stand-alone version of C4G BLIS v2.4.
- This package is for users who do not have a previous version of BLIS to update.
- Download C4G BLIS v2.4 by clicking the button below, extract the zipped file and click on BLIS.exe to start BLIS.

*Login using the credentials cameroon_dir/dir123 (as country director), testlab1_admin/admin123 (as admin) or testlab1_tech1, testlab1_tech2/tech123 (as lab technician)


- Click here to see the API documentation.
- The API works for C4G BLIS v2.5 and above